And while the old man sleeps,
{he’s seen and heard it all before},
the metal jar perculates the sweet drink,
the Samovar, it’s called,
weeping the hot flavoured tea.

Vodka on the tables,
on a chair,
and the lady hums a Russian melody,
as the youth claps in unison,
passion in a smoke-filled room.

‘Where are the ashtrays, Sergie?’
‘0n the floor. On the floor. Look up for Gods sake.’

And the lamp dissipates the gloom……
…….all is warm on this Sunday afternoon.

— at Simply Surreal Theatre.russian afternoon


Meanwhile, Maria searches for the truth among all the lies and hype on the so-called corona virus. Her soul is crying out for you to see the lantern burning with the desire to brush away the leaves of deceit or all liberty will be lost and Lockdowns will be compulsory, ‘legislated’ by the powerful.. May her voice be heard…

lantern lady


Time only exists inside the head, according to Einstein. Socrates wouldn’t agree as he could tell the time by pointing his right toe at the sun. Issac Newton had no time for fools. Darwin changed time by millions of years. Time is continuous. Neverending. The Mad Hatter called time ‘him’. Not ‘it’. ‘What time is him?’ ‘Quarter past his nose,’. How time flies. ‘Got wings, he has.’



“It’s not just that life is about survival–it’s about maneuvering, shifting, finding the right corner when you need it, the center when you crave it, the darkness when it shields you, the light when it heals you. And you lose your swiftness, and you lose your judgment, and you find yourself in bad corners, blind alleys, alone and confused. I’m there now, and Marilyn [Monroe] found herself there. Deep in the darkness, alone, with yawning loneliness and a big stack of bad investments. I understand her pain, because I know it now.”–Tennessee Williams/Interview with James Grissom #FolliesOfGodMARILYN


‘Hi ma’am. You’re looking beautiful.’
‘And Charlie, you sure do look handsome and happy,’
‘Well am.just off the set of Modern Times where I’ve beng taking the white powder. A rehearsal. Not the real stuff.’
‘Yeah. (LAUGHS) You can’t fool me. This is Hollywood.’
‘Do you wanna dance?’ he asks.
‘Why not. Get your red slippers on and we’ll trip the light fandango on the stairs. I’ll go and fetch my walking stick.’
‘Right away Charlie boy. Right away. Give me a minute and we’ll lighten up the rain.’

Five minutes later they were doing the Quickstep. Up and down they danced, Charlie tapping the rails with his cane…..CHARLIE AT WINDOW


‘I came from my mother,
who else?
most cannot refute my charm for her,
unlike some men,
(born from God, they say, though I wonder how and why),
lest we expect the selfish father’s pride in creating the fist born, named Adam,
into their own likeness, supping vanity on Biblical invention,
sparing his rib for women,
as if they understand the internal ache and love of the creation of the child,
just as the explosion of the cosmic egg created her,
pushed gently, painfully, from the eternal womb, into this crazy world,
through tenderness and the dearest affection……
yet the warm milk from her bosom will forever be transfused into the heart of man.

Where does the serpent lie. Does it hiss and spit at night?
Why does the simple apple tempt, for to cut it in two, you look upon the seed of life itself.

God got it wrong, by half, for it was man who first created the Almighty, thus creating sufference, indifference and laid women bare on the alter of lies.

Now the lie unfolds as the steps to the alter burn with cassocks of gold and thus freedom, finally, for the mother to behold and fight the myth of Eve as a servant to all…….Bathhouse